Time Is Not Mine

by Speak Storms

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I apologize for Luna taking so long. Here's an EP of old and new songs to keep your cute lil' ears happy.


released February 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Speak Storms Las Vegas, Nevada

My name is James Dillon Kimball. I'm a musician under the moniker of Speak Storms. My goals are to create something real and meaningful to others while making their hearts hurt.

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Track Name: Time Is Not Mine
I awoke in a desert with sand lodged between my teeth. Though realizing it was something created by my subconscious mind, I was stuck--knee deep in grains of sediment. Beautiful curves mark the edge of the knowledge I've accumulated and the universe. I couldn't begin to understand no matter how I observed. A subtle pain in my arms revealed sanguine lines; streams of blood flowing to meet the sea consuming me. And though I tried to break free of it's grip, the violent thrusting of my arms did not aid the situation. Angels playing horns, I began to sing with the choir. "Time is not mine" we whispered, and just as fast as you swallowed me, you spat me back out, only to land in a desert with sand in my teeth.
Track Name: What If: My Thoughts on How It Should Be
What if everyone got what they wanted, what if everyone was where they should be?
I'd be a famous singer with a lover in my arms.
I'd have just enough money to set me on my way, back to where I was born, back to where I belong

What if everyone was polite, what if everyone was pure?
They're'd be greener grass on both sides, and smiles all around, and flowers in the ground
It'd be a slow day at the morgue for the rest of our days
There'd be empty beds in cemeterys, for the homeless to sleep

What if the fuel in banks never landed on E, what if the public could have some to keep
It's just my thoughts, on how it should be
But it can never be, 'cause nothing is for free
Track Name: Naiveté
There is never enough time in the day, to sleep and sing to you
and I guess that's how it goes, I can't change the way things work
and I find it difficult to think of the people who're gone from my life
but I just try and cope, I'll just lie here and cope, I'm think I'm doing it, am I doing it?

When I see beauty, it's always in a picture frame
and when I hear beautiful voices it's always from the tv
they beg that I watch and waste my time away, I'm guilty of not living
and I know that I shouldn't smoke so many cigarettes
Will those disappearing years even be worth it, I need to know

Is this the beginning of the end
And if it is, I wanna sing my life away
Track Name: It's Complicated
I like you, but we can never be
You're bestfriends with my former lover
It's a complicated situation
I don't want to fuck things up anymore than I already have

Do I get what I want this time
Or do I realize your feelings and find my place in line
I can't give up on you, or is it my stubborn ways

It's how it goes x6 (give it up)
I'm left alone, in the dark of your head
Track Name: Tired of Waiting
I'm tired of waiting, for your deliverance
Your eyes are saying something that I can't read,
I'm always waiting for you to see me

I'm longing for a thing, that I have yet to feel
I wish our love was tangible
I covet for your touch

I keep biting off my nails, in angst of the result
It's just something in my brain, that these patterns come from
I'm always worried of the outcome

I hang my selfish head, for everything that I want
But never get, you know I need it
I need all of you
Track Name: Stones & Sticks
These words leave, my mind before my mouth, sometimes I'm proud, others I'm sad
That such stupid things, can come from my head, a poem of regret, and dissatisfaction.

We have all these problems, that we never fix
A child's degrading speech, we throw stones and sticks
They say they don't hurt, but they do

Your sickness, had it's grip again, and I don't have the strength, to cure you this time
I don't love you, I pretend to care, but I'm sick of it--I swear, I need something real

It's just--feelings--they fade, without a notice
We lose our passion, with who we were closest
It slips through our shaking fingers
Like a cigarette, dropped and forgotten

I've been trying to find, the meaning of 'I love you'
I'm balancing somewhere between, 'forgive me' and 'don't you leave'
So I'll wash my mind spotless
Track Name: I Wish I Knew Your Strength
Let us go back, to slower times, before our love meant lies, I think we both deserved
The heartache, that kept me in bed, with all the noise in my head, without drink to drown it
And I'm so upset, at the thought of love, and I'm so sick of, all this fairytale bullshit
Love is not, a set of smooth tracks, there's something you'll always lack, you'll never fill that void
This life is a lie

You were just a kid, when he touched your fragile body, and I'm so sorry, I can only imagine
The guilt you must've felt, when he stripped you of your clothes, left your beautiful eyes exposed, to the horrors of this world
How many drinks, were consumed that night, you were too afraid to fight, or to call out for help
And now you, have to live with it, and you cope with it, I wish I knew your strength
This life is what you make of it