Soundcloud Sessions Vol. 2

by Speak Storms

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Dedicated to my one and only, Danielle Starustka.

Volume two of my lil songs from Soundcloud. I hope you enjoy listening!


released July 8, 2014

recorded some time or another in June and July of 2014.
Danielle Starustka sang with me on 'I Love You So'.



all rights reserved


Speak Storms Las Vegas, Nevada

My name is James Dillon Kimball. I'm a musician under the moniker of Speak Storms. My goals are to create something real and meaningful to others while making their hearts hurt.

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Track Name: Stuck On You
Baby, can't you see that I'm stuck on you like glue
Little bee, let me feel your sting, it makes me want to kiss you

Cutie, won't you stick with me, I know I'm lazy with the little things
Lovely, won't you run with me, and we can both be happy together
Track Name: Purpose
What is the purpose of life?
It's been keeping me up at night, all night
Pondering what reason I might have for the answer I lack
And what's the point of all of this?
What's the point?
Track Name: The Elephant in the Room
Dumb, I'm so dumb
Why'd I let it get to me
Drag, what a drag
I wish I'd never seen your face
I'm a liar, and I can't get enough of you

Why am I so hypocritical
I wish I could make up my mind
I don't know what I want, there I go again
'Cause darling, I want you
Track Name: I Love You So
We were made for each other, though born of different mothers
Our lips fit together like a puzzle; our hands fit together like a glove
Can't you see it's fate baby?

Please don't go, I love you so

I know I'm lazy with the little things
I've never held a door; I've never loved you more
Can't you see I love you dear?

Please don't go, I love you so
Track Name: January 30, 2014
When you met me I could see everything we were meant to be
And when I kiss you it feels true; we fit together, just us two
Track Name: We Always Come Back
I make you sad, and you make me mad
But it's not that bad, 'cause we always come back
And I know I hurt you, and you hurt me too
But when I'm blue, you stick just like glue

We always come back

And if we don't, oh I'll feel so alone
And we will have known all the things we have sewn
We'll be forever, through every endeavor
I'll take you wherever, and I'll try to be better

We always come back